DVD drives defeat Cactus Data Shield

I just posted the article DVD drives defeat Cactus Data Shield.

According to an article on TechTV.com the Cactus Datashield protection can be bypassed with the right DVD player:

It turns out that the DVD drives in the systems we tested see through…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3021-DVD-drives-defeat-Cactus-Data-Shield.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3021-DVD-drives-defeat-Cactus-Data-Shield.html)

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Ok I have a Sanyo CD Writer (CRW-2 12X4X32 v1.05), Plex 40tsi v1.11, pioneer dvd 116 v1.22 and a plexw16X v1.03 and they all don’t see the CDS-100&200 protections. But it takes a long time before they see the disc (Westlife-World…) Just strange because a friends plex40tsi (same date & firmware) dont see the disc.

You have a Westlife cd??? Jesus I would never admit to a crime like that, you must be a very brave man :wink:

hey no… I had to copy it for a girlfriend

cough, cough sure its for your girlfriend :wink:

yep the toshiba dvd rom plays cactus data at 1x speed in analog mode (furio)

If someone knows how to get around the copy protection and posts that information. Is that illegal?

You can just rip the CDs protected with this using an audio CD player with S/PDIF or optical out and a sound card with the corresponding inputs. I can also confirm that the CD rips ok on my Samsung DVD-ROM and with an old no brand cd-writer that I tried. Only seen one example in the UK, and took it back immediately when I realised what I’d bought. Please remember that Cactus is an Israeli company, a racist, anti-semitic regime that commits genocide, torture, murder of young children, and ethnic cleansing daily. I personally boycott all products that help to subsidise the economy of this murderous regime.

You don’t need the DVD drive or the optical out. Just copy it with Cl***CD and then the copy can be ripped normally. I guess it fixes the TOC. As long as the CD’s can be played in a regular audio CD player I think they have little hope for copy protection. New hardware is probably their only chance. Just my 2 cents anyway…

The CloneCD gives an identical copy of the CD with Cactus ver.200…:+ There is a little complicated way to grab CD in case of Cactus ver.100 and not every drive is able to handle it, but mostly it works! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like that: GET A MARKER (centropen or centrofix) AND PAINT THE SECOND SESSION ON THE ORIGINAL CD (on a few places, no more…). A passage between 1-st and 2-nd session is visible at the sight of “active” surface of the CD - it’s a thin circle on the CD and must be overlapped too! OR YOU CAN USE THE SMALL STICKERS (1x0.5inch) (POST-IT or something like) AND STICK’EM OVER 2-ND SESSION ON 8 LOCATIONS- NO MORE (it’d be enough), BUT EVER NO LESS… as per figure on this site: http://www.cdr.cz/a/postupy/postup/1239 :7

Did you try CloneCD? I just think it is weird because I used it and was able to take the copy I made and rip all the tracks off the CD with EZ CD and Razor Lame (I tried both just to make sure) just like there was no copy protection at all. And I am talking about the Fast and Furious CD that just came out. :slight_smile: