Dvd drives aopen vs optorite

hey. used until very recently an optorite 4x dvd drive and used dvdshrink/nero to make my dups. recently i purchased an aopendvw1608 8x dvd drive. this is my problem: dvdshrink 3.1 encounteres a copy protection error on the aopen drive so i switched to dvd-decriptor 3.5.4 which cracks the dvd but the total file size in the directory video_ts are almost 7 gig.
i am using the same dvd movie in this case.

so i am back to using the older optorite drive and dvdshrink to create the dvd dirs and i use the new aopen dvd 8x drive to burn. the combo actually works well since i can do both operations at the same time. i would like to know though why the new aopen drive is not capable of cracking the dvds and once it does why does it create such large directories which are unable to be burned. i suspect it is a matter of configuration. thank you for any help you guys can provide. klossie…


Actually it is pretty simple-

DVDdecrypter - removes the protection from the movie and DVDshrink compresses the file to fit on one blank DVD disc-

Should work the same in either the Optorite or the AOpen IMO


thanks mike. why does dvd-shrink encounter a copy protection error on the aopen 8x dll drive while it works fine on the optera 4x sll dvd drive with the same dvd disc?. i wanted to increase time spent on decrypting the dvd and wrinting it, that’s why i got the aopen. i am afraid that one day i would llike to retire my optera but the aopen seems not to be able to handle what i need. by the way, if you want to simply sent me to a url i would be happy to understand what the heck is up here… (to save you the typing) :wink:
and you’re absolutely correct. in my experimenting after i dvd-decrypted the dvd on the aopen drive i would then run the files (just on hdd) through dvd-shrink and then the video-ts viles were in the >4.4gig size.

Some dvd drives extract files better, so maybe thats why one drive worked and the other didn’t. I’ve had trouble with some dvds in one drive that copied fine in another usually because the copy protection involved bad sectors, and i believe its those bad sectors that cause the problems.

Might wanna get DVD Shrink 3.2 while you’re at it.