Dvd drivers

i did a search on this in the forum but couldnt find any drivers for my dvd player/re-writer. ita a nec AD-7170A it burns dvd’s fine and plays dvd’s but dosnt read any cd’s, i didnt get any disks with it, and couldnt find any drivers on the net, has anyone got this dvd drive, or know where i can get a driver or maybe if its a setting with in the drive it self? pls advise :bow:

The drivers for optical drives are native to windows, there is no third party software for that.
What you have is a defective drive that needs to be replaced.

It sounds like the CD laser died and the DVD laser is still working. My advice is to give up CDs. :bigsmile:

i only use cd’s when installing stuff, like when i reformated, oh well,