DVD Driver

Hi Team,

I recently reformatted my PC with XP Pro(before then everything was working fine) And now my Second DVD drive is not getting recognise. I have the “D” drive showing up in My Computer it’s normal CD that works. But not the Second underneath which is for DVD. I went to BIOS and second Drive it says “None” Its conected with the SATA Connetors. any helps how to fix the problems will be much appreciated.

Have you tried a different SATA connection on the motherboard?

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A3L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Looking for Help,
I recently Reformatted my PC with XP pro. And now my PC doesnt read my DVD burner, Is connected by Sata cable through an Expansion slot.
Where can i get a driver so it can be recognised by system. The Model is: LITEON 20x DH:20A3L08C. Any help will good.
Thank you.


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If you have connected your SATA drive through an “expansion slot”, does this mean you have a separate SATA controller card in a pci or pci-e slot? If so, you need drivers for the controller card from the manufacturer.

Thank you… Its PCI,

Hi,[QUOTE=combat2009;2449202]Thank you… Its PCI,[/QUOTE]you probably need to install the drivers for this controller card.


Hi guys,

I have looked almost everywhere for this driver, Even Email Liteon but no response, Still no Luck, Basically the Dvd Burner is not showing as recognised its connected through an Expansion Slot PCI, Does any body know where i can get a drive. Any help will be appreciated.

You don’t need a driver for the dvd burner. You need drivers for the controller card in the pci expansion slot. Give us the make and model number for the controller card that you have and maybe we can help.