DVD driver purchase? HELP

WE HAVE A LITE-ON DVD RW SOHW 812S 4X REWRITE SPEED (walmart purchase 3 or 4 years ago) looking to upgade, with faster everthing, any suggestions? I’m looking @ www.mircocenter.com @
p.s. what the difference from rewrite and write speeds?

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LightScribe 18x Super-WriteMaster Double Layer DVD+RW IDE/ATAPI Drive

Mfr. Samsung OEM

Mfr. Part No. 762138

SKU 770487

UPC 892518508925

Availability Usually ships in 1-3 business days.
Price $34.99
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Samsung SH-S182M/BEBN Black LightScribe 18X Super-WriteMaster Double Layer DVD+RW Internal Burner w/NERO Software - OEM

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Product Specifications Bezel Color
Black Bezel

Double OPC Technology; Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology; SAT (Speed Adjustment Technology); WBS(Weight Balance System) Techonology; Magic Speed; Buffer Under Run Free technology; Firmware Live Update; RoHS: Eco-Product

ATAPI/E-IDE Interface

Buffer Size
2MB Buffer

Media Load Type
Front auto-loading tray

CD Read Speed
48x CD Read Speed

CD Write Speed
48x CD Write Speed

CD Rewrite Speed
32x CD Rewrite Speed

DVD Read Speed
16x DVD Read Speed

DVD+R Double Layer Write Speed
8x DVD+R Double Layer Write Speed

DVD+ Write Speed
18x DVD+ Write Speed

DVD+ Rewrite Speed
8x DVD+ Rewrite Speed

DVD-R Dual Layer Write Speed
8x DVD-R Dual Layer Write Speed

DVD- Write Speed
18x DVD- Write Speed

DVD- Rewrite Speed
6x DVD- Rewrite Speed

DVD-RAM Write Speed
12x DVD-RAM Write Speed

Access Time
130ms DVD access time; 110ms CD access time

Data Transfer Rate
Up to 33MBps

Supported Windows Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 98se, ME, 2000, XP

Minimum RAM Required

Drive Bay Required
5.25" Drive Bay

Included Software
Includes Nero Software

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Limited Warranty

Rewrite speed is for rewritable discs as in DVD+RW, CD-RW discs. The ones you can erase.
I don’t have that drive but i’ve read people like it fine.

“gotit” and I new that just could not remember that!

Look in the pioneer burner forum, the pioneer 112 got great reviews by Dee and was voted as cd freaks choice award they cost $32 at Newegg & Meriline

OOPS that was Editor’s Choice Award

review from CDFreaks about but I am not really that concerned since these drive can go fro even less that $30 these days so is not a big deal. As rolling has mentioned the drive from Samsung is good you can probably read some