DVD Driver Problems

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba Equium A100-549 Intel® Celeron® M processor 360 (1.4Ghz, 400MHz FSB, 1MB Cache)/XP HE/1024MB/40GB/15.4W TFT/Super-MultiDL/WiFi/OneNote. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I think that the product I identified is my computer but couldn’t be sure.

Forgive me for being pretty direct, since this is my first post but I am having trouble with my DVD driver. It is a MATSHITSA DVD-RAM UJ841s

After 2 years of no trouble it is now telling me that I am set to the wrong region for my DVDs, but won’t let me change the region (and even if I could there appears to be some sort of hardwiring of changes so that I can only change it one more time - since I am moving continents soon this is not great).

I am thinking, can I install a generic driver that won’t do this? since DVD players never seem to have this problem, only computer DVD drivers, so it seems to me like it is a built in thing that potentially I could bypass if I could find a generic driver to run the DVD on the computer?

Could anyone advise please.

It has nothing to do with drivers. If you know what make/model DVD burner you have, it is possible to sometimes make it region free with a firmware hack, but not always. There are some ripping programs that can remove the region code so you would have to rip and burn the DVD. You can also try AnyDvd. I don’t think there is any firmware hack for your DVD burner.