DVD Driver Issue with CDRWin

My dvd (samsung sd-608) is not working in winxp after installing and deinstalling cdrwin (a cd writing prog). When I reinstall, it works again. Uninstall again - doesn’t work. Windows picks up the drive but said teh drivers are corrupt. The drivers for this device come with windows and I can’t find another good set anywhere on the net. cdrwin installs a ghost drive as an extra and the driver files used for my dvd rom change slightly when the prog is installed. After uninstalling, all the relevant files are there, but corrupt. Can’t do sys restore. Here are the files needed for the dvd drive:
pfc.sys (when cdrwin is installed)

Anyone know how I can extract the proper drivers off the winxp disk or something else that may fix this?

  • uninstalling and/or disconnecting the drive from my system and reinstalling/reconnecting does not work

Please help!!! Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Have you tried:

Disconnect DVD
Start computer
Switch off computer
Reconnect DVD
Start computer

Maybe windows will now install the correct drivers again?

Yup, already tried that unsuccessfully. What I ended up doing was deleting that Windows XP account (a few problems there) and making myself a new one. Apparently each account seems to keep separate drivers??? Am I wrong in assuming this? Anyway, all works fine. Thanks for the help, though.