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This has turned out to be a bigger deal than i wanted to mess with but its bothering me,
I lost my drive after an update from what i know, it was repaired by hp for a corrupt hard drive back in feb., and have been putting it off to get it fixed and they say my warranty ended two days ago…
i have tried the fix it solution, also manually checked to make sure that the upper and lower registry filters were removed, i have reseated the drive, and i tried to get the driver for the dvd drive itself to reinstall but the hp rep gave me a 177mb download that turned up being a program called “dvd play” which is just a dvd player. i have not done any restores and really do not want to do full system restore as of yet, i have alot of music to back up first. just to recap the drive does light up, open and spin on startup but after i get to user login screen and into windows its gone and doesnt work. its not on device manager or my computer. What steps can i take to get this fixed without hp’s remedy of mail it in or pay 125 for a new dvd drive.
quick rundown of system
vista home premium 32bit SP2, 2ghz amd processor, 3gb ram, hp dv6815nr laptop(part number kn831ua#aba)
have spybot s&d running along side Norton Internet Security 2011 Beta, everything is automatically updated(windows vista as well) and the drive disappeared before i installed either of these programs.

UPDATE: i installed a program called DevManView and it shows my dvd drive but still not on my computer or device manager.


Do you happen to have iTunes installed? I found this thread regarding interference from iTunes and this drive: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itprohardware/thread/96197089-739f-4e56-9b20-cfc9840d233d


no i tunes here


If this is an IDE interface drive (not SATA) you can try deleting the IDE controller channel that it is on, probably the Secondary channel. You can find this in Device Manager. Once deleted, you can reboot and let Windows find the “new” hardware. This tactic often works for this type of problem.

Most modern drives are SATA however, and the other problem with this process is that you do NOT want to delete the channel that has an IDE hard drive containing your operating system.

System restore is probably the best bet if this doesn’t work.


let me get a screenshot of the devmanview to show what it says and see if we can go from there
just gotta find a url to put the pics on


You can load pictures here in your thread.

Go to Advanced reply (near the bottom of the page), then Manage Attachments (on the far right in blue text)


they should be there now


I just ran DevManView on a computer of mine that has an IDE dvd drive hooked up in it.

One difference in the Properties window…mine shows up as Connected: Yes
Yours shows Connected: No

Your drive is hooked up as the Master drive on the Primary IDE channel…Channel 0, Target 0


so would that indicate a loose connection or trouble with a driver or software issue? i have thought of reloading bios, sp2, or rolling back a month or so


As I said before, you can try uninstalling the IDE controller that has this drive on it, as long as that channel is not the one with your hard drive. The other position in that channel would be Channel 0 Target 1.

Rolling back to an earlier restore point is a good option too.


My DM looks like this :

Yours doesn’t show any DVD/CD-ROM drives.
I don’t have a solution but your OS is not detecting the drive at all.


it appears it is on the same channel as the hard drive


gonna check connections of the drive socket, be back in a bit


so what to do next, gonna try rolling windows back about a month


ok, it said that system restore failed when i ran it but when it started windows again it said it worked but still no dvd drive, i could only roll it back about 2 weeks so i doubt thats early enough, looks like im gonna have to go back to fresh laptop unless someone else has a solution


Sorry, but I’m fresh out of ammo here. It is very unusual to run into a situation where the operating system cannot see the drive at all. We normally work within Windows to fix the little glitches in the software that can occur, but this is something else.

If the connector is attached properly, and there is no physical problem within the drive, then a restore installation should work.


well i thank you for your help on it, it is greatly appreciated. i just gotta get an external drive and do some backing up before i do a full restore, may wait til my it friend is back from vacation and actually on yahoo again so he can tap into my comp and see if he can tell anything.


You might give this scan by MS a try.


tried that one several times, it says no dvd drive detected