Dvd drive



im over here from microsoft answers. they suggested i come here sence they have not been able to figure this out.

i can insert a pc game and it does play. i can insert a burned disk with photos and view. i can not play a dvd movie.
which they thought maybe the drive went out but that dont make sence if all other forms of disks play.

the window that pops up when i insert a dvd movie is “insert a disk into drive”

i had gone through a long list of instructins to try and fix this all mostly links to microsoft fix it. the last one we tryed it turned off photosmart and is yellow flagged that drive might not be recognizing changes.

that is far as i got and it still dont work to play dvd’s


Have you been able to play movies in the past with this drive?

What operating system are you using? If you are using XP, you should know that XP does not include a native dvd decoder, and you must use third party programs, like PowerDVD, WinDVD or VLC to playback dvd movies.

Does the disk show up in My Computer? Normally the name of the disk will appear on the drive icon there.

Have you tried one of the free media players like VLC? It is self contained and does not rely on outside codecs. Another one is Media Player Classic HomeCinema.

When you say yellow flagged, are you saying that the drive now has a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager? If so, you might try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager, reboot and let the operating system find the drive again.

Is this a SATA interface drive or IDE? If it is IDE and your operating system hard drive is [B]not[/B] on the same IDE channel, you can try deleting the IDE channel that the drive is on, rebooting and letting the system find the “new” hardware.


whew lots of questions lol
yes i have played dvds on here before.
i have a toshiba satellite u405d s2874
running windows vista ultimate
built in dvd player
yeas i have vlc already sence my system wasnt set up to play those file types.

“my computer” window does show d drive once i click on it it directs me to put in a disk when disk is already in.

i have no idea what a sata is or ide ,im sure i dont have it what ever it is lol

if i have to uninstal and reinstal where do i find instructions and the software to reinstal it?

hence it plays pc games which are on dvd like disks and plays burnt disks of photos, there must be something not letting me play the dvd’s. but i cant find it.


okay dokay i ran your 2nd link there. it says-
class filter corupt
device filter drive corupt
cd/dvd disabled in device manager
cd/dvd not accesable via an assigned drive letter


If it can play data off dvds, then the drive itself shouldn’t be the problem. However, dvd drives have different lasers for playing cds vs playing dvds. Are you sure you are playing dvds? It is quite possible for a drive to start failing with dvds and still play cds perfectly well.

Sounds like you haven’t looked in Device Manager for problems. You might look in there at the optical drive and see if there is a yellow ! next to it. You can get to Device Manager by going to Control Panel–>System–>Device Manager.

The drive should show up under DVD/CD-Rom Drives. If you right click on the drive listing, you’ll get the option to uninstall it. Reboot the computer and it will find the hardware automatically and reinstall it. You won’t have to do anything else. I don’t think this will help in this case, but is something to try.

If you put a dvd movie in the drive and [B]right[/B] click on it in My Computer, do you get the option to explore the disk?


Whoa, new message caught me in the midst of replying.

The Fix It tool from Microsoft didn’t help? You can try the manual steps on this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929461

I think I might try the uninstall process first though as your new info makes this more likely to help.


i tryed both first uninstal and restart. then the other. could not compleet the one that edits regestry. the lower and upper does not exist.

the dma thread wasnt much help i found what he instructed some channels dont have anything in it and there is 0 and 1. from there no instructins to do anything else.

but i did find something else. i tryed 2 dvd’s i know i had played before. it will not reconize them as a dvd. but the really strange thing is , i put in a dvd i burnt a cupple months ago. it played. makes this even more confusing :doh:


All right. With the corrupted filter situation, I think your first step should be to use system restore to a point in time before these problems first showed up.

Look in your Program list for Accessories–>System Tools–>System Restore. See if you can find a restore point that will solve the problem.


did the restore back 2months and still no.
when it tells me to put in a disk, it has a link"help me choose a disk"
opens help and support and talks agout formating,burning,copy disks ect.

looks like it is misreading the dvd and wants to burn a disk or something.


Try the Microsoft Fix It tool in my signature again and see if it still shows corrupt filters even after you did the system restore point. If so, I’m running out of bullets and am down to the nuclear option of using the restore partition to take your laptop back to factory specifications.
The main problem with that is you lose data and installed programs. You’d have to save everything before trying the full restore.


List all dvd playing/ burning software you have installed including for playing games…


i have what was equiped when puter was bought, windoes and toshiba. i added vlc cuz preinstalled didnt cover avi format.
i tryed a cupple others for dvd burners but uninstalled those a while back. i cant even remember what they are now.
divx webplus player
ohh digging around i found free dvd burner.ink it has 3 shortcuts for disk,dvd,and audio.
i dont recall this one but its there.