Dvd Drive

I have a Sony Vaio 1.3 GHz P4 it originaly came with windows ME and we upgraded to XP Home and the DVD drive worked then we went Pro and it dosent won’t play ANYTHING!!! and before it was compleatly hosed it would not play DVD’s just normaly CD’s then one day it stoped working all together when you click in it in My Computer it just said please insert a desk, any ideas?

Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD 116R

and the other dive we have to use is the burner


It is very possible that it has reached the end of its life. It might be a good time to upgrade as new drives are only $20. Be aware that Win Pro does not have the codec to play DVDs in Media player. Are you using other software like WinDVD or something?

the drive is still their in My Computer, i just dosent read anything

That is how a drive acts when one or both of the lasers die. Also, the drive will be there even when the codec for movie DVDs is missing.