Dvd Drive?




At the mo i only have the Nec 3500 burner, but i’m gonna get a normal dvd drive so i can use the Nec just for burning.

Does it matter what make of drive i get for ripping the dvd’s to the hdd?, or do they all do a good job of ripping?? I have a feeling that the ripping part is just as important as the burning, but what do i know being in the newbie section lol :smiley:

Any recommendations would be great :slight_smile:



The only advantage with another DVD ROM is speed. The most important factor is to start out with clean media. Polish out deep defects before you attempt to back up the DVD.


Thanks for the quick reply…

My Nec 3500AG does both ripping and burning perfect, but hopefully a seperate dvd drive will prolong the life of my burner…

I’ll see what drive i can pick up this weekend, it has to be a black one really to go with my case etc

Thanks for the tips :wink:

Oh btw, another thing that you may be able to answer. I have backed up approx 10 dvd’s so far and they’ve played perfect all the way through, but when i watched one of the backup’s for the second time it skipped slightly in places :confused: Would this be my home dvd player having a bad day ?


eather the Aopen or liteon 16 speed dvd-roms are very good

that depends what media you was using, if its good quality then it could be your player or it could be poor media giving a poor burn.
try doing a transfer rate test using nero cd speed and if you get a nice clean arc then it could be your dvd player if you get some nasty dips then its probebly the disc.



A couple of things:

“Good Media = Good Burns” - and - “Crap Media = Crap Burns”

Try and get yourself some Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell media for your 3500 - you will be ever so glad you did - good vendor/good prices = www.rima.com or www.newegg.com or www.supermediastore.com

As far as the DVD-ROM - strongly suggest the Aopen 1648/aap - can be gotten for around $28 shipped from www.newegg.com

The above will give you the best of all worlds for your burnin’ pleasure with your 3500 IMO-



Thanks guys

I tried Nero cd speed, first i did the transfer rate with a dvd movie and the line went up to approx 8x then back down… then i did it with the dvd blank and it went straight, then down / up, straight and so on till it finished, but to be honest i didn’t really understand the graph lol.

The media i’ve been using is Datawrite grey top Fuji dye. I will try some of that media you suggested and see how it goes…



I really like my Samsung TS-H492A for a combo drive. It’s a great DVD Reader and a CD-Burner. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the Lite-on combo’s as well, they all do a fairly good job. I don’t have any experience with the Aopen 1648/AAP myself so I can’t really comment on that drive much.

Had to edit the post - I said it was a DVD Burner, I meant READER. Typos my arch nemesis, hehe.


Good media is VERY important, especially with video materials. I only purchase Made in Japan media. Stick with 4X or 8X burn speed.

As for extending the life of the DVD burner, my guess is that you will want a new burner before the NEC goes south. High speed burn (16X) puts much more wear and tear on the motor and spindle than 4X burn. Note that you’ll have to spend about $25 for a decent DVD ROM. I would rather use this $ toward a new DVD burner.

Post a picture of the transfer graph. Use only Made In Japan Fuji media. Suspect you have Made in Taiwain Fuji. OK, but not good media for high speed application. Stick with 4X.


I would be carfull about just going and geting a cheapo no name rom. I’m on my third and aparentlly it is starting to die. Liteon 166s and the aopen 1608/app (I’m guessing the 1648/app is the newest ver of this) seem to be the most popular for fast ripping.