DVD drive works fine for DVD but not CD's?

Hi… sorry if this is a newb question…

I built a new PC this weekend and was using a DVD burner out of my old machine which I thought was working fine.

When I went to load the OS the drive would spin (had light on) but eventually the light would go out and the PC just stopped with a blinking cursor. I then tried an old CD drive I had and the OS loaded without a hitch.

After the OS was loaded I hooked up the DVD drive again and it worked fine with DVD’s but for CD’s it would act as if there was no CD in the drive. I tried it with several CD’s and DVD’s and the result was the same. Is there anything that would cause this to occur and is it fixable? It is a NEC ND-2500a.

Thanks for your help…

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If it won’t even boot from a CD, then I’d say that rules out a software problem.

Possibly the CD part has had it’s day. You could try cleaning the lens as a last resort.

So what kinda cable and jumper settings do you have on that drive? Have you cleaned your laser lens in the drive yet? Have you tried to upgrade your firmware and the dvd is that a commerical or bought dvd or backup dvd your playing and the cd is that same as well? Some drives are picky on the media types…

Its an IDE drive and I have tried it on both master and slave also with a SATA converter plugged into an available SATA port. The dvd I know it worked with was a commercial DVD. The CD was a burned copy that was burned in a different drive. I haven’t tried cleaning the lens (not sure how to) and I haven’t tried to upgrade the firmware but I was looking into that. The drive is about 3 to 4 yrs old. Is the lens it uses to read DVD’s different than the lens it uses to read CD’s?


Ok, clear a little confusion for me here so the commercial dvd, cd will run ok. But the burn cd will not work in the drive or autostart? If so then then cd might have a bad burn or media is of poor quality. You might want to take that cd and try it on another computer drive and see if it see the cd. Cleaning is a little more tricky if you do open the drive case but I leave that for the last end-but as your drive is 3-4 yrs old might be time to get a new drive as well as they are inexpensive nowdays. There is just one lens in the drive housing that does both dvd and cd.

"I tried it with several CD’s and DVD’s and the result was the same."
What are you saying in this line? Are you referring to retail bought cd and dvd would work or one of the other would work but the rest didn’t work or read?

Both commercial and burned DVD’s work fine. No CD’s (burned or commercial) work at all. With CD’s it is as if there is no disk in the drive. The drive will spin up with CD’s but when you go to My Computer to see what is on the disk it says there is no disk in the drive.

For a test take those cd burned and commercial and try them on a working drive and see if it can see those cd’s. If it does then your drive might not be working as it once did when it was new…could be time to get a replacement drive being it is 3-4 yrs old now.

Yes, I think that is the answer as well unless I want to take it apart and try to clean the lens. The CD did work on another drive since I was able to install Windows with an old CD-ROM drive I had.

Thanks everyone for the help.

I have Dell inspiron 5100 laptop. It is a DVD/CDW drive.The DVD works fine. It does not recognizes and CD (data or music). It spins and stops. What is wrong with this drive. It was working 3 months ago.