DVD Drive Won't Work


I have a windows xp service pack 2 home edition version 2002 AMD 2800+ 2.08 Ghz and 448 MB memory
i also have the JLMS XJ-HD166S dvd drive and it can’t read any cds os dvds (it doesn’t play audio cds or dvd movies). when you put the cd in it sounds as it is spinning and it keeps doing that for 1 min and then it stops. no autoplay shows up or anything.if i right click the dvd drive and click open it says to insert something in it. i unuinstalled the drive with device manager and installed it back but it didn’t work.
i don’t know what my problem is: if i have to clean the lenses or download this firmware you guys are talking about.

if you have any questions about my computer, ask and any help is appriciated.

i went to the codeguys website and downloaded the zip file. i unzipped it and it had 3 folders. i chose the one that says “DS1E this is the newest” and clicked on the 16x folder (because i think that’s for the dvd writing speed) and now there’s eight different files to choose and i don’t know which onw to choose.

This is NOT an issue that can be fixed with firmware. If cleaning the drive does not help, then it’s time to buy a new drive.