Dvd drive wont update names of discs

I hope someone can help, recently my computer has stopped updating the name of cd’s/dvd’s (its a nec 3500 i really dont think its a hardware problem tho) that i put in unless its restarted for some reason… so for example if i have say warcraft in when the computers turned on everythings cool but if i change disc it’ll still say warcraft is in… at first i thought it might have been a problem with alcohol (as recently it caused problems with my other comp) so it uninstalled it but still the same problem :frowning: also (and this is probably related) no discs will autoplay…

any help much appreciated especially as i have no idea where to even begin looking for problems…


Most likely your auto insert notification has been disabled in Windows. This is not a terrible thing, many of us leave it turned off. If you open Explorer and hit F5, it all updates.

nope thats what i fort it was at first but checked all the settings in properties and set them all to prompt really i aint even fussed ova the auto insert problem (besides it prob jus dont work cos of the other problem with the drive)

any ideas?

btw. im using:

windows xp pro w/ sp2
its a nec 3500 drive
ive got nero, dvd shrink and decryptor also had alcohol but obv. ive uninstalled that already

dont kno if theres any more info needed

Auto Insert Notification is the correct answer.
Disabled by default when burning DVDs.

…fine how do i change it then? and if thats the only problem y doesnt it update when a disc is changed? it should do that anyway regardless of whether or not its on…

edit: done that F5 thing jus clicked what u meant, im assumin u mean in my computer where my drives are shown? yea that was the first thing i done lol right now i have no disc in the drive (infact its open) go to my copmputer refresh til fingers bleed and still says the same disc is in there… like i said it only updates afta a restart then if i wanna update it again id have to restart…

Eject the media/tray, wait 5-10 secs and insert the new one/close the tray. Then hit F5 to see the new content.

More info in your OS HELP.

nope didnt work… like i said already thats not the problem if it was somewthin as simple or obvious as that i would have sorted it by now AND like i said i already hit F5 and could do so til my fingers bled and still have the same problem

Just curious that it works for me all the time.

The root of this problem is Windows cache. Sometimes Windows just refuses to release and you have to reboot to clear it out. I’m not sure, but I suspect that the icon memory might play a role too, if you don’t have enough memory assigned to icons, they don’t update right. Not sure if I have the right terms there.

kds i have the exact same problem, its not horrible but it bugs me like crazy and i have no idea how to get it to go back to autoplay or at least update the name of the dvds. If you have figured out how to fix it can you please post and answer i would really appreciate it!

Here’s what I do when this happens.

I go into my Device Manager and I DELETE my IDE controller entries and all IDE disk entries, including the CD/DVD drive. Then I reboot and let the system re-discover all the hardware. That usually resets things back to their original config.

Doesn’t always work, but if there are no wacky powertoys or what not installed, it usually fixes things.

Sometimes I have to re-install the motherboard chipset drivers over the top to get it working right, and once I even had to change the optical disk from SLAVE to MASTER to get it to work right (didn’t want to do a fresh install - it was someone elses rig).

Hope somethin’ in that little rant helps ya. :slight_smile: