DVD Drive wont read DVDs on fresh install of XP

So my original problem, was that my DVD Laptop drive wouldn’t read DVD’s, after installing AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Now the problem is that even after I reinstall Windows XP, it still can’t read dvd’s! This is a HUGE problem because my applications disc is a dvd! I can’t install my wireless drivers to get online! I checked the drive and there are no errors. Help me oh great freaks of the CD’s! :bow:

Have you tried to play those cd/dvd on another drive to see it those worked? And how old is your drive and laptop and what firmware updatedo you have? When you mean reinstall are you talking about a clean install no O/S or restoring the O/S? I am wondering how would you been able to reinstall xp if your cd/dvd drive couldn’t read cd/dvd media? Try to uninstall slysoft product and clean the registry and see if you can still read cd/dvd media. Do you have windvd or powerdvd installed as well or nero or roxi installed? But last but not least if you could give a more detail report as what kinda error and what hardware you have that would go a long way to help the rest of us determine or identify where the problem might be. As you can see all my questions are general as there isn’t much information in your statement to lead me to help identify what might be causing it.

The drive can read CD’s (which is why the install worked), but NOT DVD’s. I did a FULL FRESH install, with a full format of the drive (not quick). For some reason, it still does not read DVD’s. The dvd’s I have tried DO work in other computers. I’m not even talking about movies, but data DVD’s as well. I tried and MSDN Data disc, but it wouldn’t read it. I do not have ANY software installed yet, just windows updates (I tried before updating as well). There is no error provided, it just doesn’t read it. It tries for a few minutes, then just stops. It handles CD’s no problem though. THere is no indication of any kind (in windows) that there is a problem with the drive! I’m so confused >.< I’ll try and find out the firmware now… (Thanks for the reply btw)

THe drive is a Pioneer DVR-K15, and it looks like the firmware is Version 1.12.

It sounds like you’ve got a trip to the repair shop coming. :sad:
The drive is on the way south and installing AnyDVD and Clone DVD was just coincidental.


Thanks so much for your help though, but isn’t it weird that it still reads CD’s?

not at all , dvd drives have 2 lasers , 1 for cds and 1 for dvds , 1 of em can die leaving the other fully functional its quite common

The drives really are dual and one capability or the other can go south on you.
It’s more likely that you’ll lose the DVD ability first but it can and does happen the other way around as well.
To put it another way, the drive dies one ability at a time.

hmmm, I see only one “lens” though, so do they both go through that same one?

This is how a cd-rom ( all optical drives are cd-roms) works : http://www.pcguide.com/ref/cd/const.htm

well i have the same problem with the same drive the dvr-k15. I was really looking for a solution

I have the same problem…but it is on 2 diff. dvd drives on the same system

1 is msi dual mode dvdrw the other is a Sony dvd rom

I find it hard to believe both drives have the same problem (doesn’t even recognize there is a dvd in drive) both play cds fine but neither will do any thing with any type of dvd disk and they both started doing this at the same time. I did a complete repartition/format/reinstall winxp pro…still have the problem.

Help …plz and thank you

Are those PATA or SATA drives ?
If PATA are they on the same connector/cable ?
What playback software do you have installed ?
When you check on the drives in Device Manager what shows up ?

Both are Pata, I have tried them on the same cable and different cables/ ide ports, also replaced the cables. uninstalling as well as removing all drives, them rebooting, shut down then reinstall only a single drive…no luck.
After format and reinstall I tried the original software, Powerdvd. Also tried Nero burning rom, just to see if it would even ID a dvd, no luck. I dont have the specific file names for the drivers here, I am at work and we are speaking of my home system. The drives are identified properly in “My Computer”, at least to the point that it knows they are dvd and dvdrw respectively. I will post the specific driver names this afternoon when I get home. I did notice once I place a dvd in either drive the drive name changes from dvd/ or dvdrw to cd, and then if I go to explore the drive it says “please insert disk in drive x:”


Is what they are labled in device manager both say they are working properly…

Sorry it took a couple days for me to post this…holidays and all I’ve been busy.