DVD Drive won't play DVDs!


I was using Nero to burn a couple of files, but then I wanted to stop the process, so I clicked Cancel. The moment I did that, my laptop froze. I had to push Ctrl + Alt + Del to force the program to close. Now, it won’t read any DVDs at all, but it can play CDs with songs on them.

When I insert a DVD into it, it makes noises. I followed this DVD Troubleshooter through the Device Manager menu and after following its instructions to play it on Windows Media Player, the DVD Drive says “Drive busy”, so I’m guessing it can detect it but can’t read it?? The same disc can play on my friend’s laptop just fine, so I’m guessing it’s a hardware problem.

I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with it and am clueless when it comes to technical stuff. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that may help, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance!!

What OS are you running?