DVD Drive Won't Open

[QUOTE=BreakingPoint;2233283]My DVD drive won’t open, and I don’t know what to do. I was able to get it open once earlier, but it closed by itself as I was turning the PC back on. It doesn’t seem to be jammed or have some kind of internal problem. There is no disk inside, but the LED is almost always on or flashing. I’ve tried turning the computer off, logging off, and even putting the computer on standby, but none of those worked. There’s also no manual way for me to do it.

My theory is that the drive won’t open because the computer is somehow registering it as working, even though there is no disk in there. Anyone have any idea what’s up?[/QUOTE]

I realize you are talking about a DVD BURNER inside a computer, but I think the technology may be similar to problems I and many others are having with LITEON DVD recorder products made for the TV sets.

My LITEON DVD RECORDER VHS UNIT 5005 series does this. It usually happens with a disc in it, when it decides it is an invalid disc, which it isn’t. It seems to loop between the preparing stage and the reading stage. It will not open. I actually had to pull the unit forward and tip it down and shake it. If you try to pull it out with force, it will break the front panel, so don’t force it. I had to gently shake it in this position while I turned it on and off and on and off with the power cord. It finally released. If it opens grab the drawer so it won’t close again. You should use a cleaning disc at this point. After that I changed discs but it only will take a RW disc now. Almost all other media says INVALID, but it works with the RW discs, so far. I have read that LITEON recommends a firmware upgrade, but I have also read that the upgrade doesn’t fix the problem and sometimes causes more issues. It also seems that dirt and dust gets into the laser area, and that might be one of the causes. Once I got it open I grabbed the tray so it wouldn’t close and put in the cleaner disc, and it read that and I ran the cleaner 3x.

I also have the INVALID disc issue on my other LITEON PRIDUCT LVC 9016G, but the tray doesn’t stick. It seems that both products have lost their ability to read most discs. And after a while if you leave a disc in the unit NOT FINALIZED it says it is INVALID and will no longer allow you to finalize or read it, so you lost the info. I usually use SLP, and I think perhaps it wants to go no more that SP or 4 hours per disc rather than six. If I get to the 4th hour and above it may deem the disc INVALID.

I have no technical background, but I am a psychology major attempting to analyze this sick group of LITEON machines.

If anyone has any actual technical info that can help these machines start working let me know. OR ELSE I AM GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND A BUNCH and buy PANASONIC next time. They don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they seem to work!


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It looks like the laser module is failing in your DVD recorder. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common issue in Lite-On DVD recorders. There’s even a long discussion thread here about the problem, which is worth looking at.

One nice thing however about most Lite-On DVD recorders is that they generally use the same optical drive components as in their PC optical drives. For example, I’ve successfully repaired my Lite-On 5045 by replacing the optical drive’s circuit boards and laser/spindle mechanism with those from an old Lite-On 812s drive. The only alteration was that I had to change the tray loading motor connection wires around as it was ejecting instead of loading and vice versa. Other users have reported success replacing the internal optical drive with more recent Lite-On models.

I have several Lite-On drives that won’t open. There is a “flapper” kind of thing inside that doesn’t move all the way. If you manually “help” it (with the cover off) then the drive opens fine. When this flapper doesn’t move all the way, it keeps the drive from opening. It probably moves by an electromagnet. Either the magnet is not getting enough current, or is not getting it for long enough. I don’t know how to fix this. Also, I don’t know how to disassemble the drive far enough to investigate further, and I don’t have a schematic. Please notify me if you have an answer.

I too have a LiteOn LVW-5006 that won’t open with a disk in the drive but opens without problem when the drive is empty. Is this the same situation for your drives? Can you tell me where the “flapper” kind of thing inside is located? I wonder if lubricating that “flapper” kind of thing with graphite might help.