DVD drive won't open with CloneDVD

I’m assuming other people have noticed this too… when you get to the ‘write’ section of copying a DVD, the DVD drive won’t open until the program has run its course and you hit the program prompt ‘eject’ button. I occasionally forget about this and hit the manual eject switch on my computer, and then I remember that the drive is waiting for the program to open it.

Well, last night this feature bit me in the butt. I was in the middle of a write when our power blinked and the computer turned off (along with every other electrical appliance in that part of the house). Now that the computer is back on, the DVD drive won’t open. It seems very likely that because it shut down in mid-write, the drive is essentially waiting instructions from CloneDVD to open again. And I have no idea how to get the program to do that.

Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you.

Nope, it is not CloneDVD that did this. After a power cycle or a reset the drive is freed to open its tray again. The “half written” disc seems to confuse the drive and crash its firmware. Switch off your computer and try the “emergency eject procedure” (most drives have one).

Thanks! It seemed like a logical assumption, but I don’t mind being wrong as long as I can get my drive open. Thanks for the help, it worked fine.