DVD Drive won't burn DVD's (Keeps freezing)

Hello, I’ve tryed searching everywhere for my kind of problem but I can never find the same problem as mine, I’ve tryed other similar problem fixes but those never worked, I just can’t find anything so I decided to post and see if anyone can help me.

My problem I’m having is whenever I try to insert a blank DVD disk my computer freezes, I can do everything normally but I can’t enter My Computer nore can I use Nero while the DVD is inside.

D - DVD Rom
Windows XP SP2 Home edition
Latest version of Nero.
Latest version of DVDIdle Pro, I did have other stuff but I removed them all because they might caused problems between each other.

The problem isn’t hardware (I think) because awhile back I had the same problem but worser where it would not detect any disks on both D and E drives, I then restored my computer after that my DVD Rom started to work but not my DVD-RW. I replaced the cables, I also tryed using it on a different computer and it worked, after I put it back on my computer it worked since then it’s been working on and off. I think some of the problems were because of me installing different types of burning software.

Anyways, today i decided to give it another go and burn something i needed backedup, I installed Nero after not having it for about one week, The DVD I tryed to backup was Ice Age the movie because my little sister is very ruff on the disks and I thought I’d back it up before it gets completly unplayable.

After using Nero it said something about cannot copy protected disks, I then found DVDIdle Pro searching Google, turned it on and then I could start the burning using Nero, while it was burning, I messed around with the settings and accidentally made it copy onto harddisk instead of direct from disk. (quick burn.) after waiting quite sometime, it failed and none of the drives could detect a DVD, I restarted and then it could detect DVD’s but now my burner keeps freezing every time a blank DVD is inside.

Thanks for reading, I’m really stuck and really want to get stuff backed up before I loose them. If anyone can help me, I would really apreshiate it.

Thanks in advance, Savas.