DVD Drive without Riplock?



Hi there,
I’ve been backing up some DVDs for a club that I am a member of and have found them to be painfully slow. After some confusion I came across something called Riplock which appears to slow down the drive considerably.
In any case I am going to be replacing the current drive, the tray doesn’t always open, and also there is an unbearable hi-pitched squeaking sound coming from it.

I wonder if anyone can recommend a DVD ROM or Writer that doesn’t have riplock or other such ‘features’. I’m UK based =)


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Do you know what the current drive is? And what make/model the current computer is?


Thanks! There is no make for the computer its custom built, but I believe the Drive is a Sony SATA one, Specific model I’d need to check with the other half… But it needs replacing whichever way =)

editing… I just found out its an Optiarc DVD RW AD-5240S


I think maybe a Samsung or LiteOn drive will be moderately speedy…

But to make sure that it is ONLY the drive, are you compressing the video you’re backing up?


Im using imageburn to back the dvds up into an iso file and storing them onto external hard drives. We have a vast number of them so a snails pace isn’t helping at all!
I’ll look into Samsung and LiteOn drives - are there any particular ones that you can recommend?
Thanks for your help so far!!


I want to say any Samsung SH-224** model, where ** is AB, BB, CB, DB, or FB. The two character combo just denotes hardware revisions, but reading performance should be similar.

And as for the LiteOn… you’ll find the iHAS*24 drives, where * will be some number that doesn’t matter (only refers to whether the drive has select extra labeling features & such, which you can determine from the specs on the box/from the site you order from).

Now, some of the LiteOn drives are very similar to your current Optiarc (for the sake of the conversation, they are the same as your Optiarc). These hardware revisions can only be discerend by looking at the drive label/having the drive connected to your comouter, or by knowing the various packaging codes LiteOn uses for each hardware revision. But I personally don’t know the packaging codes, and most places don’t outright tell you the hardware revisions you would get. Worrying about that would be a hassle.

That said, it would still be pretty easy for you to just pick up a LiteOn off the shelf and still get the performance you need. But I would try to find a Samsung drive first and see how that works.

(for curiosity’s sake, your goal in getting a LiteOn drive would be to get an iHAS24 A, B, C, D, or E, and avoiding the iHAS24 W, X, and Y. The extra letters of the alphabet determine the hardware revision. W through Y are the drives that are relatives of your current Optiarc, while A through E are more like LiteOn’s original drives which would more than have the performance you desire. That’s why I say it’s probably easy to go for a Samsung drive instead.)


Edit to that long-winded reply: none of the LiteOn drives should have riplock. So I think any iHAS*24 drive would work.

Might I ask you to try ripping another disc with your current Optiarc and ImgBurn, and post a copy of the ImgBurn log here?


I could have, and only now just saw your reply -eek…
I mentioned my problem to a neighbour who swiftly went inside and produced a Samsung drive SSH-224 that you mentioned above. I’ve not tried it yet, i’ll let the OH have a fiddle for me this weekend =)
Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll let you know how I get on soon =)