DVD drive with the lowest READ speed using CD Bremse

Hey everybody,my first post!

I am an audio nut and have been having a heck of a time finding a DVD burner that READS media quietly (especially dvds).My pc is whisper quiet with the loudest component being my 500gb wd hard disk.

Out of all these drives(I shop at NCIX) can anyone share with me, their drives lowest rated read speed for dvd’s and cd’s using cd bremse ?I would include nero drive speed as well but it interferes with the functioning of foobar.

I should mention I have tried the Samsung SH-202J and Pioneer DVR-212D.The Pioneer’s lowest speed was 8x(quietest overall but still too too whooshy;)) for dvd’s and the samsungs was 4x,which would have been silent except for a high pitch whistle or whine(sounding like the motor struggling a bit) that was absent on the whoosh of the 6x and 8x.Reading cd’s on both drives(Samsung 4x) was pretty quiet even if the speed rating in cd bremse for the Pioneer was 40x(probably incorrect).The Pioneer also seemed to vibrate a great deal more than the Samung

Some drives I am looking at(prefer Sata)


Samsung SH-S203B((maybe no whine of the 202?)

Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7190A


Pioneer DVR-115DBK

Liteon LH-20A1H-185

Lioteon DH-20A4P-04

If you have one of these drives or a variant of one, please help.Perhaps this could become a sticky for other owners of htpc to reference.Thankyou :bow:

I suggest you buy an really old dvd drive for this.

Thankyou for your suggestion Chef,I have considered using an older slower drive.
My goal though is to find the quietest(reads), readily available writer.I hope to gather enough information to allow myself and others opportunity to make the most informed decision.I realize “quiet” is a subjective term and I welcome drive owners to post their opinions on the units noise as well as cd bremse data.
I would like to broaden my query to any drive currently available,not just the ones I have listed.

I appreciate everyones help in filling this somewhat niche hole:iagree:

The used readspeed ismainly dependent from the content on the media besides the media type.
VideoDVD ususally is read slower than DataDVD for obvious reason.
Many drives deny the usage of tools like nero drivespeed & cdbremse.

Cool,thanks for the info Chef.Do you happen to have any drives which the speed can be throttled with cd bremse or in your opinion are very quiet(reads),while taking format and data density into consideration.Oh and must be readily available.Sata?That Samsung 202 would have been perfect at 4x(no whoosh) if not for that high pitch sound that was non existant on 6x and 8x(too much whoosh).
I have noticed alot of users on this forum own more than one brand of drive,anyone with current models interested in a mini noise comparison review?

From what I remember actually, there are eg. Pioneer drives that can use the “Quietdrive” utility to be slowed down, also some drives where you could find patches for on eg. Hijacker’s site, mainly Toshiba drives, IIRC. :flower:

Alas,I tried the Pioneer utilities with the 212d to no effect,options were grayed out.
Seriously considering the Samsung SH-203b or LG GSA-H62L next.Anyone own one of these and care to chime in on subjective noise and cd bremse results.I should also mention cd bremse v 1.47is a free disc slowdown utility.When it works(drive compatable), it works wonders

The QUIETDRIVE utility only works with RETAIL/[B]XL[/B] drives or also drives that were crossflashed to XL. :bigsmile: