DVD Drive will not read after 1st Backup



Greetings this is my first attempt at posting a thread. I have some frustration with my DVD drive and have been directed by the software co. to address the issue through the DVD manufacturer. I am using DVDFab Gold. Great Program!! It has replaced 1 Click which I used to love until DVD43 free stopped being updated. Anyway when I successfully backup a copy of my movie and try to backup a subsequent one, the DVD drive will not identify the next movie. When operating properly the first message I get is that the program is opening the movie source. On the second attempt this does not happen. The disc will spin for about 10 seconds before going idle. The media is not recognized when I try to explore windows for the “D” drive. In order to start a new backup process, I have to resort to restarting my computer. This is bit of an inconvenience. I am using a 16X R/W +/- R I/O Magic drive. My OS is Windows XP, My processor is a pentium III, I have an 80 gigabyte hard drive. The chipset is by Intel and at the manufacturers direction I installed the accelerator. I also updated the ASPI through a download. My guess is it is an intialization problem that is caused by a memory build up by the first task that was not dumped to allow for the identification of the subsequent movie but that is only a guess. I would welcome any guidance on this one. Thanks!!


I forgot to mention that I also routinely check for updates on the firmware for the product but I have not seen an update for several months.


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There is no need for “Intel Application Accelerator” and ASPI drivers if you are running XP with SP2. At least uninstall IAA, as it is useless for your system and might interfere with proper operation of your optical drives.



Thank you. I will proceed with the uninstall. They failed to help resolve the problem and it is good to know that I don’t need them.


You were 100% right on the Intel Application Accelerator. It defaulted my burn to PIO. I unistalled it and was able to get back to Ultra DMA. Thanks a bunch. The manufacturer replied and told me that it was probably the DVD Fab Gold Software. The DVD Fab Gold Software tech support told me it was the hardware. Looks like I am in a catch 22. :slight_smile: :bigsmile: