DVD Drive Vibration


I recently bought a Lite-On LH-20A1H drive to stick in my PC, and despite it being slower than the old crap CDRW drive for reading CDs according to the Nero software :confused: all has been going well.

I’m just a little bit concerned as whenever it begins to spin up (I have an Antec P180 case btw, both drives in top two 5 1/2 inch slots), the floor begins to vibrate, as if I’ve got the bass whacked up really high.

I don’t know if that should be expected, but it is disconcerting as I don’t really fancy it all falling to bits already

Normal or a problem?

How many screws do you have the drive secured with? Has this happened before in the past with other hardware? Did you make sure all the screws and fastners where tight before closing the case? And is the case screws secured? Where is the placement of you case ie on the floor or desk or on a platform? I also have a 20A1H LL0A but the problem your describing isn’t present in my case and I have a case cooler case with 5 HDD and 2 DVD and haven’t experienced a case vibration such as yours.

It is secured in with 2 clips, one on each side each secured with two screws - the clips came with my case and have been used on my other optical drive without issue. They were in as tightly as they would go without extreme force, and the case screws are in fine.

The case is on a metal sheet that comes out from the side of my desk, which rests directly on the floor. It would be nice to have some ideas quickly, as I’m going to open it up again today to install a new fan, when I get chance.

Others have commented on the noise from these drives - some say theirs are very quiet, others are noisy all the time. Only time mine is noisy is during spin-up (really bassy vibrations, as you say), and reading/burning at high speeds (16x or over).

Having said that, the NEC I have installed just beneath it is a lot noisier :wink:

Have you tried that drive in another computer to see if the same problem appears on that system? What kinda of media is it that you place into the drive that is causing it to vibrate that much? But beyond that media not being of good quality or bad burn might make the drive work harder to read the media?? Does it do that all the time and for how long does it do that and does it do that for every media you place into the drive?

What is your drive firmware?

I have an LH-18A1P which behaves in a similar way. My LH-20
is very quiet. What is the exact model number and date of manufacture
for your drive? Mine is:
Date: November 2006.
S/N 233647416210