DVD Drive unaccessable; LED constantly flashes



Hi, I’m new - I’ll get to the point:

I’m using a Sony DRU-510AK (as slave)

The Problem:
Can’t open the drive (the above Sony) using the button or the GUI. Won’t detect any disc. The LED constantly flashes (never stops, begins immediately on powerup). Windows Explorer recognises the drive as “CD Drive”, while BIOS, Device Manager and Nero Infotools recognise it as “Sony BOOT DRU-510AK”.

What happened:
Went to burn a DVD, came back after 40 minutes and only 1 percent was completed (usually does it in 13 minutes). So I tried to end the task, and the computer crashed, so I reset.

What I’ve tried (in order):
Tried Shutting down for a minute
Tried Flashing (program won’t detect DVD drive)
Booted up without data cable
Booted up without power cable
Left the tray open on bootup (using manual emergency eject)
Swapped the data cable with the RICOH MP7200A (swapped back after)

Some Specs:
P 1ghz
832mb Ram
Ricoh MP7200A (as master)


DRU-510 is a fairly old drive, may have died. Throw it in another PC if you got one see if if works. That will tell you if it is the drive or PC. Good Luck.


Well, I don’t have another PC; was kinda hoping that swapping the data cables would do that.


Don’t know anyone else with a PC who’d let you throw in the drive for testing?


Sorry Dust Frog but as a DRU 510 Owner and Admirer - The drive is irreversibly Screwed.:frowning:


From experience? Aww man… Good excuse to upgrade to a dual layer I suppose.

zazonz - Just tested in another pc, same thing.


I’d say it is time for a new drive. Heard good things about BenQ DW1640.


Heh - that’s the drive I’m going for, both tomshardware and Anandtech gave it good reviews.