DVD drive - Trouble reading discs - possible solution

I’ve been finding out that a lot of people have had trouble reading blank media with dvd drives. Worked fine to being with then all of a sudden started to crap out (almost seems like over time a dust build up would cause the problem). Might simply be firmware but recently I read a post where someone tried to use DVD Shrink and got a "cannot continue … can’t access … trouble reading “D/” etc…This is a cyclic redundancy error CRC dirty disc/laser. In his case the disc was just dirty, no copy protection was causing the problem, a dirty laser causes the same issue. Someone else used a cleaning drive disc and afterwards his drive worked like a charm. Also if you’re getting a lot of error messages while trying to backup your movie your drive might be in PIO mode, someone had to uninstall and reinstall his IDE cable in device manager weekly so that his computer could redetect the drives DMA capability.

I ran across the same CRC problem, but my new drive read it no problem. The old drive in question (for interest sake it was a LG GWA-4164B drive) in fact it even had trouble playing a movie DVD in the drive (it was scuffed up enough and had what looked like faint irregular warp marks in the dye or some sort of coating in some areas that wouldn’t come off), let alone popping up error messages and trouble reading blank media. But over time little bits of dust on the cd’s dvd’s etc… build up on the laser part, too much of it may actually damage it (but I’m only guessing about damaging the laser - be my guest if you know first hand) rendering cleaning drive discs useless. Doesn’t mean trash the drive, I can still use it to read discs which aren’t too scuffed up and burn CD’s, but should at least try and i’m not recommending using cleaning drive discs as manufacturers recommend that you not use them (ironically because it may damage the laser) but as a last resort it might certainly be worth it.

Now I’m not saying this is the only solution as there could be software issues or even software secretly being downloaded while you’re on the internet by microsoft to prevent the use of such programs as DVD Shrink DVDFab etc… but that’s only a thought and it’s quite possible.

But I’d like to hope it’s just a dirty laser. Could even be a low quality laser that won’t last beyond a few hundred read/write cycles (what a waste, very sly from a manufacturers standpoint but sucks for all us poor saps who get stuck with one of these).