Dvd drive Tray problem

Hi. on my brand new dell computer (which i got yesterday) my dvd drive is giving me problems. I have barely used it and have not bumped it or anything but the dvd TRAY won’t open or close properly. If I press the eject button the tray will either not respond, or it will wait 20 seconds and then read the contents of the CD, or open up to a CM or an inch and stop, or once in a blue moon it will open completely. when it opens a bit, if i slightly nudge the tray to the right (facing the front) then it will finish coming out/in. the tray also has problems closing completely… sometimes more than one nudge is necessary. i have tried opening the dvd drive after going into BIOS but it still has problems so i guess it isn’t a software problem. I think there is a problem with the alignment of the tray judging by some posts in the dell support forums

this isn’t a SERIOUS problem but… this computer is brand spanking new and it’s quite frustrating (to say the least) to have a hardware problem a DAY after receiving it… please help me out.

if all else fails i’ll have to call cust.service and probably receive a new drive (which i have no clue how to install…) :frowning: :sad:

If it’s new get in touch with customer services.
Installing a new drive is simplicity itself so don’t worry about that, just ask again before you do it. My son managed it on his own at 12 without even asking how so you’ll be ok.