DVD drive test?



I am looking for some software to test my DVD R/W and make sure it
is doing what its suppose to be doing - been hveing problems with it

Hope there is some free stuff out there for this




What test of Drive u looking for ?
U can use Nero CD-DVD speed to check how fast Drive is or to check disc quality (u can also use Kprobe to check disc’s quality).


How about a program that actually tests the drive?
Not just the speed, but the drive itself
I am mainly concerned about cd-dvd writing…
Is there a program that can tell me if the drive has any problem at writing cd/dvd?
And how good it writes them?


CDspeed can check the quality of a burned disc. It can also burn discs. It can do several tests. The transfer rate test can help assess the burn quality, and will run on any drive. The Disc Quality test is also good and can be run on some drives, including all Lite-On drives.

You can get more info in the Media Testing forum, including this user guide:

Burn quality not only depends on the drive but also on the media.

Verbatim discs are generally among the best. Taiyo Yuden discs are also good, but they usually are sold under other brand names.