DVD drive spins up and down, but end with not recognizing any DVD movies in the drive

I’m not going to do a sappy hello, or an intro of myself, but just get straight into my problem:

I put in a DVD, and it spins up, and then spins down. Then it spins up…then down again, and nothing happens in the end. When I open up the drive in My Computer the DVD is not noticed in the drive.

These are all original movies, and definitely working on the other computers.

I don’t know what the problem is, but it’s definitely not a region problem, because I’ve tried multiple DVDs from at least two different regions (Asia, and Europe, and maybe even US) and they all have the same issue. (Also, my computer is currently set to Region 2 and I’ve also tried Region 2 DVDs, ending with the same problem).

The computer is a Sony VGN-FS28GP laptop computer with a Sony DVD RW DW-D56A

I posted this query at AnandTech and was advised to post here.

Some of the questions that you may want to ask may have already been answered there, but if you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Need more info is it just dvds or does it do it on cds also?

Do you have any device drivers loaded on your system that may be interfering? Such as ANYDVD or some other app? Does this happen with data DVD’s as well as movies?

Have you tried starting your DVD player application and then inserting the disk into the drive?

One thng you may want to try is going into device manager and deleting all IDE devices, then deleting the IDE controllers themselves and rebooting. This should allow Windows XP (I assume it is XP) to re-recognize and re-initialize the hardware. Then you may want to try re-installing the motherboard chipset drivers (there should be a driver disk that came with your machine, hopefully) just to make sure they are all in good shape.

I should have mentioned that I’m using XP.

I have tried starting the player and then inserting a DVD, and still the same problem. The problem is that Windows just doesn’t pick up the DVDs in explorer either.

I’m not sure if I have any original data DVDs (only personal backups), but I’ll have to check if they work. CDs are okay though.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve formatted the machine a couple of times as well, and the drive did not work the last time either.

When you formatted, did you load your motherboard chipset drivers?

The disc I used was a DVD that had all the drivers preloaded on the DVD. It wasn’t a Windows XP installation DVD, but one that the computer made from Backups in it’s backup partition. I’m assuming that all the drivers were correctly loaded, mainly because the Device Manager doesn’t show any problems.

So you have not tried deleting the items from the Device Manager, then rebooting and letting it rediscover?

I forgot to ask you a question regarding that: is my data on the computer safe while doing that, or should I back up before doing that?

Totally safe. Dozens of folks on here have done it. It basically resets the IDE chain is all. Sometimes it’s the only thing that does the trick.

That said, I always backup my computer. :slight_smile:

All you are doing here is deleting the reference to the hardware in the Device Manager. Windows should redetect everything fine upon reboot.

BTW, you may want to check the website for your product to see if updated files and drivers have come out yet. Motherboard chipset drivers do get updated every now and then.

Ok, I deleted the items, and let the computer re-discover upon reboot, and there was no difference.

I do remember updating the firmware, and then after a while, formatting the computer at least twice.

Would that mess this up?

I did manage to get the computer to play one DVD by disabling the IMAPI CD Burning COM Service in Services in Adminstrative Tools, but I can’t reproduce the same by doing the same.

I’m still confused.

I guess I would step back down to the previous firmware that was there when you got the machine.

If problem persists after you’ve wiped the HDD and clean installed windows, then the drive is defective.

It is possible that a FW upgrade may fix the problem. However, the drive should work if you’ve restored the software to factory condition.

I’m kind of wondering if the re-install disks may not be setup right. I know with some laptops and systems - like Acer Aspire - you make your system disks from the data on the system hard drive. Some have pre-saved image files for each disk on the hard drive, but others do kind of a Norton Ghost thing, where it simply images what is there. If a change was made after the initial install but before the disk images were made, it is possible a drive glitch or something left the system in a bad state.

I’m not sure - I’m just speculating.

I don’t know what the previous firmware was :frowning: And I don’t even think it’s available anymore.

/me checks the Sony website.

Did the thing stop working right directly after the firmware update? Or only after you did a total re-install?

There were no updates, I already had the latest firmware.

It only stopped working after I had reinstalled XP, after a format. But I don’t know exactly when, because I don’t watch many DVDs on my laptop.

You mentioned above that you updated the firmware, so that is why I said that.

What DVD software program is installed on your machine?

You said above that you did an install from the data dvd that came with the machine - the backup disk. So, CD and DVD data disks work just fine. It appears ONLY to be DVD VIDEO disks that you cannot seem to read, correct?

How many DVD movies have you tried to play in the laptop? What titles?

I have tried playing quite a few movies: The Godfather (all of them) and Gladiator are the english movie titles that come to mind. I have tried playing Indian films as well, but I don’t know if you will know any of them.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but when I try to open the DVD using Explorer, or My computer it seems that it doesn’t notice any DVD in the drive slot at all.

But it can read DVD Data disks, right?

Again, what DVD software program are you using to try to play the movies?

Data disks works, but that was the install disc created by my computer, I don’t know about original data disks, because I don’t think I have any original data disks.

I use InterVideo’s WinDVD program to play my titles on this computer.