DVD Drive spins continuously in in Vista Business

Hi, Have problem since upgrading to Windows Vista Business that my Sony Optiarc DVD/RW is not working,recognised in My Computer but any type of disc I use just spins continuously, have several Driver Program installed but all seem to ignore this fault. Any ideas,? Have I posted this in the correct section? It`s my 1st attempt at this.

Very much the wrong place. The thread (and all posts) concern tips & rules for newbies (aka you)… It’d be best put it in a new thread in the Newbie Forum with a title that describes the problem - aka “DVD Drive spins continuously in in Vista Business”.
No driver/programs are required to access your drive in XP nor Vista… the drivers to access the data on the discs are built in to the OS for you. I will suggest that one of your “Driver Programs” are the problem.
These driver program do other things, like play DVD’s or Burn Data.
Burning … greatest program ever is IMGBURN (it’s free).
DVD/Movie Player software is really up to your own personal preference. I prefer a simple codec pack (K-Lite Mega Codec pack) with media player classic, or WMP.

Many commerical programs have “autorun” handlers, which tend to fight over access to your drive, when a disc is inserted. Something which is completely unnecessary … if you want it to play, you can run the program, and then it can handle the disc :stuck_out_tongue:
I have autorun features turned off (when using windows) also as a matter of security. Hurray for Sony & their rootkit installers!

[quote=racey;2049548]Have I posted this in the correct section? It`s my 1st attempt at this.[/quote]As debro says - better to make a new thread with a relevant title. I’ve split this off to a new thread and title. :slight_smile: