DVD drive speed

I started decrypting with a 2x dvd player, and upgraded to a 16x, but my software won’t pull at faster than 2x. I’m using DVD Decryptor, and so is a friend of mine, and his works, wondering if anyone knew what I might be doing wrong.

Have you enabled DMA for your DVD drive? I had similar problems with ripping from DVD. Some DVD players are also limitied to much less than their max read speeds when ripping. What hardware are you using?

One more question, do you have an ASPI layer installed?

Your DVD-ROM has speed lock on. The only way to unlock it is w/ hacked firmware (if one is available). The easiest way really is to return your current DVD-ROM and buy a Lite-On. It’s factory unlocked.

yep, the speed limit for restricted drives comes when ripping CSS-encrypted dvds, which all retail movie dvds are.

it’s an IOMagic Drive, the driver in the computer says it’s a samsung though, and I have not installed ASPI yet. I was planning on doing that later today

Don’t install Adaptec’s ASPI if you don’t need to. There are four I/O options in Decrypter. If you don’t have CloneCD/DVD installed (using the ElbyCDIO.dll) you can use the SPTI I/O option. The WNASPI32.DLL can be the ahead (Nero) version as well as Adaptec’s (broken) version.

If you want the files, and with the exception of Adaptec which is installed, they should be copied to the /system32/ folder, they are available as follows:

Adaptec ASPI 4.70.6