DVD Drive sometimes won't open/close



Sometimes when I hit the eject/close button, the drive refuses to respond. Not quite sure if this has something to do with the button’s connection. All else seems to be working fine, it’s just that I’m kinda worried my drive’s starting to eff up. Is it anything to be majorly concerned with? Like, possible major drive damage?

I’m using an LG GSA-H42N btw


Drawer problems are the #1 cause of drive death.

The LG uses a belt-drive drawer. If you can hear the mechanism actuating, but the drawer doesn’t open, then have a look at the belt. Might just need cleaning.


Nope. The whole drive doesn’t react at all when pressed. The mechanism doesn’t click when I hit the button. It’s as if I never hit the button at all.

I’m opening n closing the drive now. It seems that when I press the button with a little more strength (just a little more), theres a 100% chance of opening/closing. If I apply a little less strength, sometimes it doesn’t react


Double-check your molex or power connector. Apart from that, there isnt much you can do.


Alright I will. Is this an indication that my drive is dying? I’ve taken pretty good care of it, and never even had Starforce installed on my system =\