Dvd drive software or hardware problem?

ok my laptop DVD burner recently stopped being able to play DVDs…it can read DVD data, and burn dvd movies. It wasn’t really a problem since I don’t watch movies on my laptop. But I went to install some software and the autorun feature wouldn’t start, so the software can’t install(even though I can see the data on the disc). What is the prob, and what are some solutions? I was thinking of buying an external burner… Thanx in advance for ur input:-)

Oh yeah my pc is a toshiba satelite and the burner is a matshita DVD-ram UJ-841s


if you can access data DVD, but you are no able to play video DVD, then this is a software problem. Autorun being off isn’t really bad (security wise), for installing software from a disc, you can always browse the disc using your favourite file manager and run the software setup from there.


How would I do that?

what’s an example of a file manager? Might be an elementary question I know

[QUOTE=Huey2k9;2481372]what’s an example of a file manager?[/QUOTE]Windows Explorer :wink:


damn…that worked.

But how can I get the drive to play movies again?

[QUOTE=Huey2k9;2481470]damn…that worked.[/quote]So the drive is working. :slight_smile:

But how can I get the drive to play movies again?

Try VLC: www.videolan.org