DVD drive Regions

I need help with my JLMS XJ-HD165H. Firmware CH0Z.

I have used rpcde2.exe and set it to DISABLED and have also installed Elaborate Bytes DVD Region Killer software.

Now the probem is when I started up Win DVD Platinum, it asked me to select a region. I selected one and now Im down to 4 changes left.

Since I have DVD Region Killer installed and enabled with automatic checked, does that mean that I now wont have to select a different region if I stick a different region DVD in the drive?

I have a JLMS XJHD166S with the original firmware. Although it’s not the very same drive as yours, it is almost the same.
I used the rpcde2 too, and disabled the region code feature.
But the curiouse thing is that I installed PowerDVD XP 4, which came bundled with the drive, and it asked me to select a region (!).
Well, I uninstalled it, and then installed the Intervideo XPack which lets you to encode MP3 files and watch DVDs with Windows Media Player, and everything was great. It did not ask for any stupid region codes, and I can watch any DVD from anywhere in the world ;). If you don’t like WMP (which is very good), you can use nVidias’ NVDVD, neither it asks for region code stuff.

Let me know if that worked for you.

There are three counters:

  1. inside the DVD-ROM
  2. Windows
  3. player software (WinDVD, PowerDVD,…)

Try this to reset the last two of them.

Neither DVD Genie nor Region Killer work with WinDVD Platinum yet. The only solution when using this dvd player software is to use the paid version of WinDVD Tweaker. Hopefully DVD Genie and Region Killer will be able to add support someday.

Or you can use PowerDVD XP instead, which is fully supported by Region Killer. Did you know, if you set your DVD-ROM region free hardware wise, you can’t watch Spider-Man w/o setting PowerDVD XP region free too? w/ Region Killer of course.

Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:

I flashed my drive with a region free firmware CH11 and uninstalled Win DVD Platinum and installed XP Pack. So now hopefully I can play all DVDs without getting asked again.

Does anyone know how the manufacturers reset the drives? And if its possible to do at home? (Out of curiosity)

Probably by flashing the f/w again. As you know, if accidently change your region too many times, you can flash the f/w, and you’ll get 5 times again.

Originally posted by Stoner
Did you know, if you set your DVD-ROM region free hardware wise, you can’t watch Spider-Man w/o setting PowerDVD XP region free too? w/ Region Killer of course.

So it has RCE on it?

You can get rid of the region counter on your Lite-ON drive by simply using a Windows Program called RPCDE.

I don’t get it. There is all that hype about “region free.” I even bought that rare Asus DVD where you press a button during a boot up and it rolls the counter back, it is like a “bug” or so. So this drive was sold out everywhere and was hard to find in stock. It performs a bit better than LiteOn. So, I spent like $60 on gettin’ one. Now, I don’t even use th feature because all DVDs I get my hands on are legal USA ones. Where would one get different ones? I kind of missing this point. What, you order DVDs from other countries? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Originally posted by TexasGuy
What, you order DVDs from other countries?

Well, if you have friends or relatives in another zone and they know you love movie X and its released where they live a lot earlier (living where I live that happens a lot) so they send it to you, or if you go overseas for a holiday and some place is having a cleanout, what then, cheap movies.

Get home cant play them. Bought legit cant play because of some stupid region difference.

Lets just say some films will never be release in North America, thus people use region free DVD-ROMs. I use it mainly for foreign films, from europe and asia.