DVD Drive Reads data but not video

I have a DVD drive that can read any DVD with the exception of movie DVDs. When I open the disc in explorer windows says there is no disc in the drive but it works fine with any other disc.

The drive is a Altec/Ultima DHI-G40. I also recently updated the firmware to the latest version to try to fix the problem but I still cant read any movie DVD.

I explained it in your other post/thread…

A VideoDVD is a DataDVD.

It has absolutely nothing to do with any firmware.

Fix the software dvd player problems, try with VLC Tool.

Thank you again for trying to help but the drive appears to be empty when it is video (I know a data disc and a video disc are the same. I am aware of that).

When I right-click on the drive and click Open it says “Please insert a disk into the DVD drive (D:).” How is any type of software supposed to play the disc when the drive appears to be empty?

Normally if it were a software problem I could at least open the disc and see the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders but in this situation I cannot.

BTW, when I open it with VLC it says “Unable to open ‘dvd://D:’”.

Can you tell us what media the movie disc: pressed DVD-ROM, DVD-ROM DL, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, DVD-R DL?

Possible causes:

  • Perhaps drive doesn’t support reading of the media format you used.
  • Perhaps you’ve flashed the drive with one of those region free firmware, if so try flashing back to original.
  • Perhaps drive is nackered when reading DL.
  • Perhaps if your media is recordable, it doesn’t like that brand.

I would say get a new DVD writer - they’re so cheap these days.

Maybe you could boot up into SAFE MODE and try to access the disc?

Moving to more appropriate forum…

Don’t know why it was moved to General Hardware when Optical Drives is the more appropriate forum, which is where I’ve now moved it too.

Have you checked the region your DVD drive is set to? It must be the same as the movie DVD you are trying to play unless you use something like AnyDVD. Though I thought Windows/Media Player/PowerDVD/etc warned if a DVD was out of region… maybe it isn’t for you. See device manager, properties on your DVD drive, DVD region tab.

Thanks for the ideas.

I dont think it is a format problem because I am trying to read a regular DVD-Rom, Ive tested it on several DVDs including the first Matrix movie.

It probably is just too old and time to get an new one but Ill try to flash it back to a previous firmware first.