DVD drive quality

Hi, I plan on backing up my DVD collection on some HDDs by converting them into ISOs and I just wanted to know if I’m going to get the same quality no matter what model/brand of DVD drive I use? I mean aren’t there some drives that read more errors than others…
Thank you.

BTW is turning a DVD into a iso with UltraISO/Winiso and then playing it with daemontools going to work straight away?

If you want to retain your movies on HD, any drive can be used. The main concern is with scratched discs: some drives are able to read better than other.

But with any drive you will have the same files. Quality is different for burnings, but not for rippings. With a rip you simply copy all files on HD, without any change in “quality”.

You don’t need to convert files in ISO: with a software like powerdvd or media player classic you can watch your movies directly from your HD

can powerdvd play the film from a video_ts folder? ive only ever got it to play the vob files, then you dont get the menu. so i rip to iso then mount them with deamon tools.

powerdvd can read from any folders. I mean that you can name a folder in any way. The only important thing is that all ifo, vob and bup files must be present in the folder.

I always open my backup with powerdvd to check them for errors in reauthorings. All menus are working (if I retain them) also playing from a HD folder.

when i right click the video_ts folder i don`t get the option to open with powerdvd or the option to “open with” & then browse to powerdvd, but i do get the option to open with VLCplayer which will do me :slight_smile:

thanks for that geno now when i make my custom dvds with dvdlab i dont have to make iso images to test them.

sorry if i`ve highjacked your thread a bit treza :flower:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

thanks guys, and no problem ako.