DVD drive problems



This is the first time ive installed a new dvd drive.

Okay I have 2 dvd drives, (cant remember whats in the top slot) but my Pioneer one has gone underneath that one (replacing my LiteOn LDW 411S), But now all my device manager reconizes is my Pioneer drive and not the top one as well. Any solutions or ideas?

Also if you could figure out why I cant open up the E: window and copy to the dvd from there I get this pop-up saying ‘Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file. What do you want windows to do?’ just shows the file data and ‘Retry’ and ‘Cancel’ options?

Help on either of these subjects would be extremely helpful.

PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum :flower:


First, you need to check the jumper settings on your drives, and make sure one is jumpered as master, and one as slave.

Second, you need a burning application in order to burn to a dvd. You can’t just drag and drop. There are several good burning apps.


Okay, I just left the top one plugged in without touching its lead and pulled the bottom out. (You may have to simplify it down for me :))


The drive at the very end of the cable should be jumpered as the master. If you look at the back of the drive, there are pins. They should be labeled as to MASTER or SLAVE. You can’t have two drives on the same ide and have both jumpered the same (unless it is cable select). If you can’t see anything on the drive, you need to check the manufactures web site for the jumper settings.


Please could you explain the term ‘jumper’


Thanks for the help, Ive just opened it up and figured out what you ment, time to test this beast out :smiley: