DVD Drive Problems



okay this first started happening the other day while i was playing BF2142. when i first insert the bf2142 dvd everything works fine. but if i quit playing and then decide to play later (the disc hasnt been removed from the drive) nothing happens. i can hear the dvd drive spinning and the computer stops responding. i end up having to restart the computer or it just continues to spin forever and do nothing.

i resolved the problem by creating an image of bf2142 and playing it off that (thinking it might just be the bf2142 disc). but just a few minutes ago trying to watch a dvd the same thing happened except this time with the first load of the dvd. i put it in, everything stops responding and disc spins infinitely.

any ideas? maybe the drive is just dying?

the drive is a Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162C (Latest firmware)