DVD drive problems(NERO)

Alright at one time this computer could burn music images and other things.For some reason nero stopped seeing my drive(sony dvd-rom ddu1615).When i have a list compiled(images or music)it now says under current recorder(image recorder cd-r/rw).Since when was i burning an image? so my question to you guys is what happened and how can i get back to burning images and music.The wierd thing is the computer sees the drive and responds to cds that have something on them(ie music,games,and other).Ive already uninstalled the program 3 times and it hasnt fixed itself

Under device manager it says the drive is working properly.The desktop is a dell optiplex gx20 with a celeron processor with 2.53ghz and 512mb of ram.

nobody has any ideas?


try other burning software. For audio, check burrrn. For data, CDburnerXP looks fine, and for iso images, ImgBurn is first choice. All these programs are free.
So you could sort out issues with Nero.


Are you putting your blanks in the right drive?? This is a reader, not a writer. :confused:

Yup, a [B]DVD-ROM[/B] drive.

it burned cds before

No way. A DVD-ROM is a reader only.