DVD drive problem?


Matsushita UJ-832d dvd/cd-rw in a Sony Vaio laptop.

Have noticed a few read problems with DVD’s recently but now the drive refuses to read any DVD media. Reads CD’s with no problems.

Device Manager seems to indicate it as a CDROM drive, but explorer shows it as DVD/RW.

Any clues very much appreciated. Urgent problem.

dvd drives have 2 lasers (1 for cds and 1 for dvds) , one of the lasers can go bad leaving the other fully functional , this is what happend here , use the warranty and have it replaced , if the warranty expired then youll have to buy a new drive , theres nothin wrong in the way its identified in device manager/my computer, its normal

Thanks for your comment, very clear and much appreciated. This is really annoying when the drive is integral in a laptop that is 18 months old…

Will it not read literally any DVD media - not even commercial pressed DVDs?

Can you see anything on the lens when the tray is out?

I have a similar problem.
my vaio vgn-fs315h doesn’t read or write cds. But can read commercial pressed cds.
Do you have any idea why it is like this :rolleyes:

Your problem is different, try a lens cleaner and uninstall the ide drivers, then restart.