DVD drive Problem... Whenever i shut the Disc tray during or after windows has fully booted my Comp instantly switches off (Pioneer DVR-111D / DVR-710)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-111D / DVR-710. Click here to see full specs[/qanda][qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-111D / DVR-710. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Sup, Had this DVD drive for atleast 2 years now, just recently by recent i mean aint used it in a few weeks, my DVD drive shuts my computer down instantly (no logout, no shutdown screen, just a straight power loss).

This happened for the first Noticeable time today, i was burning a cd with some Docs for College and Bam as the tray opened Shutdown…

So I thought through what it couldve been, RAM was my main suspect due to unexpected crashes and blue screens months ago which i resolved by doing a reinstall bcoz NVIDIA didnt make vista compatable GFX drivers or atleast not 100% compatable so i downloaded The microsoft RAM tester burnt it to a disc after telling InfraRecorder not to eject after boot due to abrupt shutdown if it opens after burning.

Turned comp on ran ram test for 4 hours it repeats the tests constantly until told otherwise.

No errors after roughly 140 varying tests both normal and advanced even stress tests.

so i reboot and remove the disc before the computer finds the drive in the first 5 seconds, and it worked disc tray opened and closed fine no shutdowns.

went on to XP - 64Bit Desktop i open the drive and its fine. thought it was fixed…

SHUT THE TRAY … Power down

Any suggestions are Appreciated, im baffled, no clue as to why its doing this but i will add that when i burned the Microsoft Ram Tester cd i heard crackling noises through my Speakers which wasnt happening before the crackling stopped after i finished the burning… Wierd but probably just static.

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Did you try to use a different Molex connector from the PSU? I wonder if it is a faulty PSU or a damaged drive to cause the problem.

Did you install some software just before the problem appeared?

Can you test the same drive in a different machine? If also in another computer the drive causes the same issue, then I think that it is damaged and it must be replaced with a new burner :frowning:

Have you checked in Device Manager for any problems showing up there for your optical drives or IDE controller?

Are you using the generic Microsoft drivers for this drive or do you have Nvidia IDE drivers installed. If they are Nvidia’s, revert to MS.

Do you have another cd/dvd drive to try in this computer?

Does it play a bootable disk ok? Like the XP install disk? Or a live Linux CD? You could also try the Ultimate Boot Disk, if you have some other way of burning to a disk.

Have you tried using System Restore to go back to a point before the problems began?