DVD drive not working



To all those DVD Gurus out there…… :bow:
I have been searching for a solution to this problem ALL OVER the internet. It seems like this is a VERY common problem, and I have yet to find the actual solution!!!

I have TWO DVD drives, one generic DVD ROM and an HPdvd640. They have both worked in the past with ZERO problems.

But, now that I wanted to burn some pictures to DVD it just won’t work. Heck, my A: drive stopped working too…but I somehow managed to fix that.

I re-installed windows (XP Home)…and of course I got carried away with installing some stuff before trying to troubleshoot the problem again…and they still don’t bleeping work!

NOTE: The only software I installed was dvd regionfree software that posed no problems when the DVD drives were working properlyfor a while but at the same time i had anydvd was working too!


  1. it isn’t a dirty lens…both DVD players (player/burner) stopped working (with DVD’s)
  2. The DVD drive WILL read regular CD’s
  3. I’ve done all sorts of looking at registry edit fixes…no success (yet).
  4. I’ve done all sorts of driver “uninstalls” and device unplugging and rebooting…no success (yet anyways)
  5. Perhaps some sort of windows update has screwed with something? This is the only “foreign” software that may have installed during my do-over of my system…hmmmm…

Well, I hope someone has the answer…this problem seems too common to let go!




my old plextor 708 had a similiar problem except…it would read dvd’s and not cd’s…i rma’d it and they sent me a new one…sounds like your drive is on the outs


Have you seen this Microsoft Knowledge Base article? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883523/en-us It applies to DVD writers as well and you have to obtain the hotfix from Microsoft and install it.Worked for me after all else failed.


Yes I have seen it but i am looking for a solution thats not going to cost me and even that, it is not definitive that is going to solve my problem. but thanks for the tip anyway.


Hi, I have the opposite problem from you, my DVDR/RW will play DVD’s however, doesn’t recognise CD’s or CD-ROMS???

Any ideas would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


u can check the knowledge base article above or more likely than not…the drive has gone bad…depending on many burns or how old it is…that was my issue