DVD Drive not working



Hi, i’ve got a problem with my cd drive. When I put a disk in nothing happens and I get a little CD next to the cursor. If I click on the drive in My Computer everything freezes and it crashes. When I try to eject the disk it wont let me and I have to stick something in the hole that forces it open. When i’ve got the disk out I still have the CD next to the cursor until I reboot.
I’ve noticed that if I open the drive and close it without putting a disk in the CD next to the cursor comes up for a couple of seconds and then goes away.
I’ve checked the status of the drive and it said it’s working fine. I’ve also uninstalled it and then reinstalled it but its still the same. Another thing i’ve noticed is that the busy light on the front of the drive never comes on or blinks ever.
Hope someone can help me. Thanks


If the CD’s work in another machine then it must be the drive.

It may be worth getting a drive cleaning kit from somewhere just to see if the lens is a bit manky.

Also may want to check the cable connecting it to you board.

Most likely though that the drive is broken, in which case it is probably easiest just to replace it.


Welcome to the club.
In order to help we need a little more info.
What make and model is your drive?
Is the disc in question one you have recorded, blank or pressed?
What OS are you running?