DVD drive not working on Toshiba

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that will only play CD’s but not DVD’s. When I click details in Device Mgr., it only shows the CD drive.

This seems to have happened after my son installed Windows 7 on the lappie. I would like to be able to play movies. Drivers are supposedly updated according to Microsoft. I googled many articles but as yet have no solution.

I see someone else had a DVD problem back in April, but I see noone responded to his inquiry. Help if you can…thanks.

Drives use different frequency lasers for CD’s versus DVD’s. It is entirely possible for the hardware to have failed in a way that one type will play, but not the other.

Are the DVD’s movies, or are you talking about data discs?

If they are movies, what are you using for playback? VLC and Media Player Classic Home Cinema are good, free media players.

If you believe it is a problem in the operating system, go through these solutions: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/314060

One last test is to set your bios to boot from the optical drive, then put a bootable DVD disc in the drive and restart the machine. If it boots from the DVD, you know the hardware is still functioning correctly.

Thanks for your response Kerry. I tried that Microsoft link you gave me but I was there before and they were of no help.

It was both movies and a data disc that I tried to play unsuccessfully.
You mentioned about me booting from the bios using a bootable DVD disc.
Sorry to be so ignorant but what do you mean by a bootable DVD disc?
Do I use a blank DVD disc or one with something already on it?

I do know how to get into the bios which I will try that solution.


A bootable disc has something on it. This could be a live Linux distro, an installation disc for Windows, or something like the Ultimate Boot disc.

The Ultimate Boot CD ISO file can be burned to a DVD rather than a CD, which is what you would need to do in this case. Unfortunately, you’d need access to another computer with a working DVD burner to make this disc.


Once you are certain that your computer is set to boot from the optical drive first, you just insert the disc in the drive and reboot. If the drive can read DVD’s at all, it should boot into this bootable disc. You don’t have to do anything else, you’re just trying to determine if the drive can read a DVD outside of the Windows operating system that is already installed on your hard drive.

If it can read the DVD, and open the bootable disc, you know the drive is functional, and your problem is in the operating system. This is usually fixed with the registry solutions found at that Microsoft site. If it won’t boot using the disc, then your drive is probably defective.

I am happy to announce that I fixed the problem with the DVD that wouldn’t play.

When my son (who is not that computerate literate) installed Windows 7 on the laptop, he never installed the Toshiba drivers. I happen to come across the CD when looking for a blank DVD disc. I installed the drivers and Walla!! the DVD now plays!!

I do appreciate the time you took to help me out. I have been wracking my brain for 3 days trying to figure this out.

Thanks again,

That’s very interesting. The drivers for optical drives are included in the operating system itself. The Toshiba drivers probably included drivers for the SATA controllers, which affected the optical drives.

At least, that’s my best guess.

@Kerry56 Thanks friend for suggestion hope it will work perfectly for my Toshiba Laptop.