DVD drive not working > deleted too much from the registry key!


The other day my CD/DVD drive was not working at all (not in device manager, could not be opened), so after reading some stuff online I followed up on a tip to delete something in 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318

Trying to do too much too fast, instead of just deleting the lower or upper things I was supposed to delete, I deleted everything from this key except one file. Stupid, stupid, I know. As far as I know, I can’t get it back from a backup or something. How can I get the files I need installed or added again?

At the moment my CD/DVD is working (ie it opens), but it’s still not in device manager and when I insert a disc and try to play it in power dvd it says there is no disk…

I’m not very good with computers (like that wasn’t clear already ), so any (detailed!) help would be appreciated!


Do you have restore function enabled or disabled on the computer? What part of the registry did it tell you to delete? What was it that it was asking you to remove from the registery file? Have you search at microsoft tech site to get more help on recovering lost registry files?

Have you tried going to an earlier date in system restore in XP?
If that works open up hardware/device manager and remove both the cd and the secondary IDE channel (where your cd is?). Reboot and the OS will find the hardware and reinstall it.
If you need to remove the upper and lower filters Google it there are some info on Microsoft’s site in this respect.

Seems he already did just that, when deleting that line in registry.

Yeah, I already did that (and deleted too much, that’s the whole thing)…

If you are using Norton you might still find the deleted file in the protected bin and recover. Otherwise like someone said unstall the IDE channel and reboot. mIght work.

if you have system restore enabled use it , otherwise try “last known good configuration” (restart and press F8 before windows loads)

@Ripperfreak he deleted some stuf from the registry,not files