DVD drive not seen in Windows 8



Hi, I have a pair of Liteon iHAS324 B multi recorder drives. Neither can be seen in windows explorer, won’t burn or play. I think this happened after I upgraded to Win 8 from Win 7. I have uninstalled the drivers (with exclamation mark) in the device manager which reports I have the latest driver with no option to roll back. Hope there’s a guru out there with a simple ish solution. Regards Nigel


Since they are SATA drives I suppose it has something to do with the SATA controller setup & driver(s).
How are they set up, also in the BIOS?


Hi thanks for replying Chef. I found and applied this advice and it worked a charm. My apologies for not posting here earlier. http://www.windowsclever.com/windows/windows-8/fix-missing-drive-dvd-windows-8.html


Good call and nice from you to post back your success info.


Thank You