DVD Drive not reading DVDs



this might be the wrong place, as you can tell I’m a noobie here :confused:
I can get it to read CD and Burn CDs, but all my games on DVD format run into into ‘cyclic redundancy check’ errors during install (usually about half way through) that crash the whole install. The computer is pretty new, purchased around november of last year.

Device manager says it’s a “atapi dvd w dh16w1P ata device”. The computer is vista home premium. Problems have been occurring since about a month and a half ago

So would I need to purchase a new drive? Is there anything I can do it get it properly reading DVDs?

thanks in advance


Hello, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it sounds like a faulty drive is the most probable explanation. :frowning:

As drives use a different laser for CD and DVD, it’s not uncommon to have of the two working but not the other.

I recommend a Pioneer burner (any recent model) or a NEC 7200S burner.

Good luck :slight_smile: