DVD Drive Not Detected on AnyDVD?

“No DVD Drive Detected.” Has anyone seen this error message when starting AnyDVD? Everything has been working fine for several months and all of a sudden I get this message. I have tried the suggestions given by the error message with no fix. I would appreciate any info you guys might have on this issue. Thanks fellas.

did you update anydvd without restarting afterwards?

you should either post the full error message or what you’ve tried since I can’t replicate the error message I don’t know what suggestions it gives.

is the drive detectable to the rest of your system?

I would try uninstalling the device from the device manager then restarting the computer to re-recognize it.

if you still get the error message from anydvd, fully uninstall anydvd including registry info (be sure you have your registration key backed up first) and then re-install.

let us know how that goes.

also crossposting is against forum rules.

First off, sorry about the cross posting. I was not sure at the time of the post if I was posting to the right Forum and I was just hoping for a quick response. Here is the error message:


No DVD Drive detected!

Possible reasons:

    • You don’t have a DVD drive, buy one.
    • You haven’t rebooted your system after AnyDVD has been installed. Please restart your computer.
    • Your external DVD drive is not powered on or is not properly connected.
    • There is a problem initialising the AnyDVD driver. If this is the case, try this:
      Uninstall AnyDVD.
      Install AnyDVD.

I tried all the above but no fix. Yes, my DVD drive is being detected by the system. The only thing I have not tried and I am unsure how to do it is to delete the registry information. Is this an action that is completed when uninstalling the AnyDVD software? Thank you for any info and once again sorry for the cross posting. Did not mean to break any rules.

when you uninstall anydvd a dialog box pops up that says “would you like to remove all registry information” just click yes to that box (AFTER BACKING UP YOUR REGISTRATION KEY OR MAKING SURE YOU HAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER)

this will complete the uninstallation process and remove the key and all anydvd references from the registry.

then I’d reboot, reinstall anydvd, and reboot again.

out of curiousity, what version of anydvd are you using? and you did purchase your key from slysoft.com, correct?

did you start getting the error message out of nowhere or did you upgrade anydvd?

also, did you try uninstalling the dvd drive from the device manager and letting window re-recognise it with a restart like i suggested in my first post?

I’ve had this happen to me as well a few times. What brand of DVD Drive do you have? I have a plextor and it gets wrapped around the axle sometimes, even with a firmware upgrade. I have been able to remedy it 99.9% of the time with a quick re-boot. Hope your drive is fixed by now :smiley: