Dvd drive not appearin in my computer

hi, as the title of the thread suggests, both my dvd-drives have vanished from My Computer.

this has happened to me before but usually i just go to registry and delete upperfilters and lowerfilters, this time however that doesn’t help.

when i go to device manager, the drives don’t appear under “DVD/CD-ROM Drives” and when i go to the controller (IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers --> Primary IDE Channel) the icon has a little yellow exclamation mark on it and when i go to properties it says “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: btw, this happened right after i installed a new hard drive (and took the old one out)… maybe that has something to do with it?

@ unluckynumbers,

Since it appears that your computer’s Windows Operating System “Driver” is either corrupted and/or missing suggest performing a “Windows XP Repair Install”.

The below Web Link provides detailed information on how to perform a “Windows XP Repair Install” ->



Fist, try to uninstal (in device manager) the IDE channel your drive(-s) are connected to and restart compu. (Can’t agree a OS reinstall is needed at this stage.) :slight_smile:

Error code “39” will be cured when OS reinstals drivers for optical drives.

If this doesn’t work, post us the Nero InfoTool system output file. :wink:

thanks guys for your suggestions

i think i’ll go with pinto2’s way first, seems somewhat simpler than a repair install :smiley:

just to double-check though, when i uninstall the driver, will it reinstall automatically upon system reboot?

[QUOTE=unluckynumbers;2065981]…just to double-check though, when i uninstall the driver, will it reinstall automatically upon system reboot?[/QUOTE]Its windoze BS after all… :bigsmile: [I](My apologies to all windows users.)[/I] :sad:

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In linux we can mount what ever drivers we want manually.

… so how do i reinstall the driver?

is it possible without my xp cd, because i lost that disc several years ago :doh:

EDIT: anyway, even if i had the driver CD i wouldn’t be able to use it because it’s my cd drive that’s not working! … damn this is somewhat of a circular situation :S

2nd EDIT: ok never mind, problem solved: i just played around with the various options for updating the driver and there was a substitute driver available when i went to “manually choose driver from a list”

so now my dvd drives are back :smiley: :smiley:
anyway guys thanks for the help

Glad YOU sorted it out. :clap:

Happy burning. :flower: