DVD Drive No Longer Reading


I just installed a new hard drive on my computer since the old one busted, and i just used my old DVD drive for an opticle drive. I reinstalled everything, Windows, drivers, ect. WEll then i tried to upload all my old data off a DVD and i poped in the DVD but it didnt autoload. SO then I go to My computer and click on the D: drive and then the MY COmputer window freezes/Stops Responding. I have to go end task it and then eject the DVD for my computer to un-freeze.

It does this with most DVDs i have tried and every once in a while it’ll load a DVD but pretty rarely. Ive tried with all 16 of my DVDs and itll load random ones. Ive tried many things too. Ive uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them, checked with a bunch of DVDs and CDs (it loads CDs just fine), and ive run the SFC from the run command thingy. Nothing has worked and im pretty sure my drive is fine. This has happened every time that i reinstall windows and im on my 3rd DVD drive already its getting really annoying. Anyone got a solution for me? All help is appreciated.

O and my drive is made by Emprex and is a 16x DVD burner double layer. My other 2 drives were sony but 16x Double Layer also. Ask if u need anymore info.

Thanks again.

The first thing I would do check whether the drive is defective or not by testing it in another computer.

After that you could focus on the software. Since DVD drives don’t need drivers in Windows, I would recommend uninstalling any IDE drivers. Use Microsoft default drivers instead. Also, uninstall all of your burning software, especially InCD or software from Roxio.

I checked and my drive isnt defective. I uninstalled InCD and there are no IDE drivers except for the Windows ones i think. Im pretty sure about that. Im still getting the same problem though. Its getting really annoying anyone else got any ideas?