Dvd drive making hdd light come on

Noticed something odd tonight on my HTPC - when playing a dvd back I noticed that the hdd light is coming on at exactly the same times as the dvd drive led comes on. I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal, if I’m just watching a movie. Can’t say for sure if its always done it, but I don’t think so. HDD and DVD are on separate IDE channels.

just before I noticed it happening, I noticed dvd playback was a tad jerky (normally smooth as silk). I had also played with Nero drive speed. I’ve since unistalled nero, and reinstalled powerdvd5… still doing the hdd light thing, however playback seems smooth again.

Has anyone come across this before ? I’m certain my hdd doesn’t need to be working when dvd drive is playing back a movie. You’d swear it was copying the movie the way it lights up exactly in time to the dvd led. I cant see how the dvd drive could make the hdd led go on either. :confused:

DVD drive - NEC3520A
Athlon xp 1700+
Gigabyte m/b (cheapie)
512Mb RAM
160Gb samsung hdd
Antec Sonata case

when the 2 drives are on the same channel this would be normal indeed, but this is not the case…
perhaps the computer is using the pagefile which is situated on your hardrive during playback of a dvd
however this is just a guess…

It normal for the DVD and HD activity light to come on at the same time. Shut down all non-essential applications during DVD playback.

Thanks, I’ll try that, however the system doesnt appear to be strained when playing back dvd’s… powerdvd is using 6-11% of cpu.

This is a fact of life with the NEC 35XX’s. The HDD activity light is going to flash with the drive’s light.

Re: I cant see how the dvd drive could make the hdd led go on either.

It IS on the IDE controller, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Check your memory usage. If you are using win xp hit ctrl, alt, del and click the performance tab. Look at the phisical memory usage. leave the task manager window open when you are playing a dvd and are experiencing the problem with jerky video. If the physical memory avalable is low, then disco stu is probably right, it’s running low on memory and using a page file for extra memory, which isn’t fast enough for video playback. 512mb isn’t always enought for an xp system (especially if you have a lot of background programs running).

Nec probably has hardware that sends an signal on pin39 which usually only hdd’s has thats prolly what causing it.